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Wellness for women is living life consciously in ways that improve your health and wellbeing.
Become more aware and start making choices towards a more successful existence.


‘A Way to Wellness’ Five week Program

Confused by all the information around health and wellbeing? Not sure where to begin to make change to your diet and lifestyle?
Do you know what long-term healthy eating might look like? Are you done with fad diets? Is sugar running the show with daily cravings you can’t control? Are your energy levels affecting your day-to-day life? Would you like practical ideas on how to tweak your lifestyle to help you feel your best?

A Way to Wellness is a course designed to give you a solid grounding in theory as well as inspiration and essential tools you need to be able to begin cultivating a healthy and balanced life.

Run over 5 weeks each week brings you new wellness information with load of practical ideas around how to start making these idea’s apart of your life.

You will learn:

  How to become your own wellness advocate
  How to listen to your body and connect with the dietary and lifestyle approach that is best for YOU!
  How to let go of rules and restrictions and connect with your wellness vision
  How to unlock your wellness vision
  How to jump of the sugar rollercoaster and get back in control of your energy levels
  What the role of gluten and dairy may be in your health
  How to eat organic and keep chemicals down without breaking the bank
  How to plan and prep to support you on your wellness journey
  How to identify normal digestive function
  How to optimise digestion through diet and lifestyle
  What is dysbiosis and Leaky gut?
  How to support your gut health using gut builders and disruptors
  How to monitor your health by looking at your poo (yes poo)
  How to reduce your stress burden
  How to stop stress getting on top of you
  How to establish a daily self-care practice
  How to improve sleep
  How to switch off and disconnect from screens
  How to use diet and lifestyle to balance your hormones
  How to understand and connect with your cycle
  And so much more!

Louisa runs this course live several times a year so stay tuned for the upcoming course near you.

Coming Soon
Get unlimited access to videos, manuals, recipe inspiration and so much more. A Way to Wellness Program is launching online soon!

Six Month Wellness Coaching

Sign up to team you 1 on 1!!! Let’s work out your health goals and over 6 months we will work together to achieve your ultimate in wellbeing.
1 consult a month.
We will coach and support you on your journey to feel the best you ever have.
We will be addressing the ‘a way to wellness’ pillars to wellbeing: Stress, Sleep, Gut, Detox, self limiting beliefs, movement, hormones, aligning with your cycle and of course food, food, food. We will optimize your capacity in each of these area’s to see you feeling empowered through taking control of your health and vitality – and of course feeling amazing because of it.

Feeling inspired to boost your wellness and find the balance you crave? Add 6 x monthly blissful massages to this awesome package.
Wellness coaching package – $699  Add massage  $1240


We love presenting and sharing on different health topics.
Topics include:

  Food and mood
  Boosting Immunity
  A Way to Wellness  – the signature program
  Fertile life, preconception care.
  Hormones and the menstrual cycle
  Cooking classes: real food for you and your family
  Loving your liver
  And more


Want easy, healthy snack ideas? Download these 6 Healthy Snack recipes to enjoy next time you have a snack attack!

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