Hi, I’m Louisa
Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist & Women’s Wellness specialist.

I believe good health doesn’t need to be complex, it’s about finding balance through learning to listening to your body and making conscious decisions around your daily life. What you eat and drink, how you move, managing your response to stress, choosing to slow down, prioritising sleep and spending time in nature.

These are some of the things that have a profound impact on the quality of your life. The way that you feel every day and on our body’s ability to find balance without illness and disease.

I think life is about having fun! Doing what makes you happy, enjoying time with your friends and family…. and doing it with love and presence.

I’ve had days of fatigue, partying, made poor food choices, finding myself continually cycling in and out of healthy living. But these days I see health as a way of life. It gives me daily fulfillment in the form of energy, positivity and motivation.

True Balance

My craving to find sustained balance came after having children and my desire to feel bursting with energy so I could be the best Mum I could and still have room for me, to do what makes me happy and pursue my career goals without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

It was at this time that I had to really let go of old patterns and self-limiting beliefs. I made the decision to tune into my body and her inner wisdom, to start making my food choices based on what felt best for me, being committed to movement in response to how I felt, prioritising sleep and self-care and choosing to manage mine and my families’ exposure to toxins.

I want to share my approach to healthy living.

Passions I’m passionate about debunking the fast pace of life we find ourselves in these days. Instead inspiring to put our phones away, connect inward and with the communities around us.

I believe we can find our true essence through times of stillness, genuine connection and acts of self-care.

I love seeing women connect with their inner knowing, learning to find their own unique and empowering approach to food and lifestyle. Letting go of restrictions and rules while shedding old habits that may be holding them back.

I focus on really giving women the support they need to manage the different life stages they are going through, managing hormonal imbalances, educating around preconception care and understanding their fertility, Optimising health in pregnancy, post-natal care and menopause. Providing alternative treatment of irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, immune issues, periods of stress, anxiety, sleep/insomnia and more.

I’m a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, fertility awareness practitioner, women’s massage therapist and fitness instructor. I’ve worked one on one, in groups and at corporate level to inform, educate, treat, inspire and motivate women on their path to better health.


I’ve been blessed with two beautiful girls, Willow and Scout. It is important to me to priorities family be there for my children on their journey exploring the world. As a family, we moved to the UK for two years in 2014 where I continued with my professional development and consulted as a Naturopath. I learnt from some amazing doctors and Naturopaths to expand my skills and approach to helping my clients be well.



I want to share my approach to helping women feel their very best! To have a positive outlook, feel energised, inspired to eat nutritious food and in turn shedding those old niggly health issues, poor skin, mood swings, aches and pains etc.

Most of all I want women to feel empowered to be healthy happy women!

Let’s work together to find your way to wellness!


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