Meet  the Team

Brianna Welch

Brianna is trained in a combination of Swedish and remedial massage techniques and has extensive experience working at Melbourne top luxury spa’s, Sense of self and Comma.
She offers a truly therapeutic massage drawing on her kind and intuitive nature. She brings an intentional healing approach and is able to work out areas of tension using a variety of techniques, including muscle testing, trigger pointing, stretching and cupping.

In her sessions, she aims to get the best results for areas of pain or dysfunction, while leaving her clients feeling blissed out and rejuvenated.

She has a particular love of supporting people managing stress and anxiety, helping to activate the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ nervous system.

Brianna is interested in our mind-body connection– believing massage is a powerful tool for connecting us back to our bodies, to ourselves, and releasing that which is stuck or stagnant.

She is so excited to be a part of the amazing team at LC Health at eve, serving this wonderful community

Mollie Robinson

I’m thrilled to join the amazing team at Louisa Carter Health and Eve Studio as a massage therapist!

My background working in youth work further enabled my passion in helping people communicate better and understand one’s mental and emotional health issues. I really believe that massage therapy is a great way of supporting mental and emotional health through physical touch. Massage is the perfect YOU time to care for yourself and unwind.

My style is remedial targeting muscles that need to be released and relaxing the whole body to help create better balance. My approach is to intuitively support your nervous system and apply suitable pressure as needed.

I love involving gentle oriental massage techniques mixed with energy work to ensure one feels safe and nurtured during the treatment. My goal is to help people feel their nervous system calm and optimise the physical benefits of massage while also allowing the mind and spirit to be treated. I look forward to working with you 💜

Fan Yu

Fan has extensive training and experience in a variety of body work techniques such as remedial massage, meridian massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and sound healing massage. Bringing together her own unique and powerful massage treatment.

Fan also offers her experience in energy work as a reiki, sound healing and guided meditation practitioners.

Fan inherit knowledge and skills at a young age from a family legacy of massage and healing while also gathering wisdom through her life experiences on a path to find self-healing via holistic methods.

Fan is dedicated for helping others heal holistically through body, mind and spirit.

Fan will be offering her unique Harmonising Massage treatment and the signature Louisa Carter Health Body Bliss Massage treatment.

Harmonising Massage Treatment is a unique and deeply holistic method that helps the body to recover and find balance.

The treatment will begin discussing your needs and desired focus for the treatment, setting your unique intention to get the most out of the therapy.

Fan will use multiple massage techniques such as meridian massage, remedial, sound vibrations, breath regulation and/or energy work. All combined to help the body come back to balance.

This is a unique and powerful massage that goes beyond the soft tissue release to restore harmony throughout the different body systems.

Mona Kristevic

Mona is trained in remedial massage and myofascial release, although she integrates methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine and healing energy techniques such as reiki.
She enjoys working with people to manage sports injuries, chronic musculoskeletal conditions and cumulative life stress.
Growing up with a father who practiced osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and a mother who practiced massage and reiki has taught her the value of bodywork in recovering from injury and maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing. She aims to work collaboratively with individuals to support their goals, be that to recover from injury, prepare for birth, or to simply unwind.

Ruby O’Donnell

Through years of experience treating as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Myotherapist Ruby has developed a uniquely blended style tailored to her clients’ individual needs. Depending on her client, she combines a variety of clinical techniques including myo-facial release, trigger point therapy, cupping, relaxation techniques, pregnancy massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, dry needling, and corrective exercise instruction to fully address every condition and give the client the tools they need for optimum recovery.

I like to treat the body as a whole, aiming to help decrease pain, help gain mobility and flexibility. I use my clinical background as well as over the years developing my own holistic, educative and intuitive approach to Myotherapy with its many beneficial effects on the body.

Ruby is constantly intrigued by the human body, anatomy, and physiology, and feeds her commitment by developing her practice in Body Work, Pilates, Performance, Background Corrective Exercises, and Myotherapy.

In 2018 she gained her qualification in Myotherapy at RMIT University, enhancing her knowledge and skills in the physical health industry. Her driving passion is supporting/helping people who are in physical and emotional pain.

I love the amazing effect that Pilates and the combination of Myotherapy techniques have on the body and on people’s feelings of wellbeing.
Ruby has a firm belief in equality for all, and conducts her treatments with an emphasis on creating a safe space and a welcoming environment for everyone. Through her experience and studies she has developed a strong belief in the importance of the relationship between the emotional and the physical, based on her understanding that combining physical exercise and bodywork can aid in managing stress, anxiety, pain and discomfort.

I seek to keep expanding my heart, mind and practice with continuous learning and growth, helping others on their own healing journey.

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