COVID-19 Response

For info re covid safety – check out the details below or reach out for more clarification. We are very happy to help ease any concerns you may have and support you in the best way we can.

All Louisa Carter Health practitioners are fully vaccinated.

We appreciate your cooperation as we do our best to support the health and wellbeing of our little team and all our amazing clients.

If you have a question or would like to offer a suggestion, please feel free to email me

If you can help us by keeping covid safe process in mind, this will help our therapists and the reception team.

If you have any sign of illness, infection, or are unsure of your health status, please remain at home and contact us 0427989613

Cleaning and Equipment Use

Our equipment will be in use during your treatment – massage table, towels and blankets but they will be sanitised and washed at the end of each and every treatment.

To assist us in keeping the space clean, please ensure your hands are sanitised before you enter and leave the treatment room.



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