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Are you looking for holistic, practical and sustainable ways to improve your overall wellbeing? A Way to Wellness (W2W) is a five week, self-paced course created by naturopath Louisa Carter to help women of all ages master the foundational pillars for long term wellness.

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This isn’t just another generic wellness course. It’s a personalised, empowering and holistic approach to creating long-lasting change in your life; change that will leave you feeling great and enable you to live your life to its fullest potential.

W2W combines the latest research with Louisa’s extensive experience and success in helping women develop a sustainable approach to diet and lifestyle that optimises their physical and emotional health. After all, it’s all connected, right!

The course is based on the belief that you know your body best. With just a little guidance you can build body literacy, connecting you to your physical and emotional relationship to food and the daily routines in your life, awakening your awareness and capacity to make change.

Over the five weeks of W2W you will discover how your body responds when you focus on certain foods and skip others, giving you clarity and a deeper understanding of the daily practises that can have a profound effect on how you feel. You will develop your own unique way to give your body and mind exactly what it needs while also gaining access to a load of wellness knowledge and inspiration.

Whether you’re starting out on your wellness journey, getting back on track or, like Louisa, you love nerding-out on wellness information, you can tailor W2W to suit you and your own needs.

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“Life changing experience, I will never eat the same again!”
Belinda, 38.

“Such a wealth of information, delivered in a simple and practical way, a resource I will rely on for years to come.”
Emma, 31.

“The content is amazing. Brilliant, I loved it.”

“I would highly recommend this course. I have already been talking about it and bragging about it.”
Gemma, 29

“I felt inspired after every session and I feel positive that over time I will be able to make some important changes. Being encouraged to be observant has been so helpful.”
Beth, 55

“I loved every minute and got so much more out of it than expected.”
Louise, 39

A way to wellness is designed to give you an approach that is realistic but forward thinking and provides you with foundational guidelines for your long-term health. These guidelines will improve the way you feel, both physically and mentally.

The course will teach, encourage and inspire a balanced approach to a healthy diet full of real food from the earth, unprocessed!
You’ll enjoy a rainbow of vegetable and fruits, good quality meats, grains and pulses as well as gaining lifestyle strategies to take your health and wellness to the next level.

The course aims to empower women to connect to your physical and emotional relationship to food and the daily routines in your life, awakening your awareness and capacity to make change.

A way to wellness acknowledge the positive influence that mindset has on creating our best life. It can often be the factor that holds us back from fulfilling our wellness goals. Cultivating gratitude and getting clear on what wellness means to you really sets the stage for making long term change.

A  message  from  Louisa:

The health industry can be very confusing and often disheartening when all you want is help and guidance to feel better than you do right now.

There are so many options, I know it’s often overwhelming for the women I see in clinic.

So often in life were told what to do and when to do it when in fact we have so much of our own wisdom that we can tap into.

My hope is that you can access this wisdom, build your ability to explore what serves you best, to listen to your body and respond with the care you deserve.

Louisa Carter is a Melbourne-based naturopath, dedicated to helping women optimise their health. As a qualified nutritionist, herbalist, fitness instructor and women’s massage therapist, in addition to her naturopathy, Louisa offers a range of therapeutic healing protocols, treatments and techniques to support the unique needs of woman.

Louisa has been working as a Naturopath for over 10 years and has gained extensive experience in Australia and abroad, leading her to build her own private practice. A way to wellness came to life with her desire to share the path to long-term wellbeing with more women around the world. She believes that this information is the best foundation for making life-long, life-changing, lifestyle decisions.

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Each week you will receive

  Interactive VIDEO CONTENT of Louisa covering the topic of the week
  WRITTEN CONTENT. A resource covering the topic of the week including notes, images and guideline that build your ‘a way to wellness’ book – A resource you will continue to reference

You will also  receive:

  Reflection worksheets
  Recipe inspiration (to help you build your own menu plan)
  Visualisation for your ‘wellness vision’
  Gratitude meditation guides


  Menu plan templates
  Shopping list template
  Access to a complete menu/meal plan (if it’s what you need)
  Gratitude meditation guides
  Access to W2W facebook group – loads more wellness inspo and an awesome community of women

Course Overview

Week 1

Foundations to A Way to Wellness

  • An introduction to the W2W approach – the guidelines that will help you establish a wellness approach that works for you.
  • Starting from a place of love, becoming your own wellness advocate.
    Introduction to your food and feeling journal.
  • Connecting with your wellness vision.
  • The five W2W guidelines to kick start this approach, plus much more.
Week 2

Meal Planning and Prepping

  • Become a planning and prepping queen!
  • Loads of strategies to support your planning and prepping – where to start, plus sneaky ways to support your busy days and weeks.
  • Is gluten and dairy playing a role in your wellbeing?
  • A simple guide to eating organically.

Week 3

Digestion and the Gut

  • Explore the importance of supporting your digestion and gut health.
  • Tips on how to recognise when something is out of balance and what you can do to heal yourself and optimise your gut and digestive function.

Week 4

Stress, Sleep and Self-Care

  • Expose your true ‘stress burden’
  • Get tools to manage the stress that is within your control, plus lifestyle hacks to minimise the impact of stress for now and the rest of your life.
  • Explore ways to optimise your sleep and become a self-care goddess.

Week 5

Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle

  • Discover ways to support healthy hormones ¬– say goodbye to PMS.
  • Learn how to understand and sync with each phase of your cycle.
  • Use diet and lifestyle choices to flow with your cycle.
  • Learn your body’s fertile signs.
  • Use your cycle as an indicator for good health.

For just $149.00 join now!


A Way to Wellness Program includes:

  • Hours of video content
  • 60+ page program handbook jam-packed with wellness information
  • Program guidelines and inspo
  • 40+ Recipes
  • Reflection and worksheets
  • Visualisation and gratitude guide
  • Access to Full menu plans (if you need it)
  • And much, much more!

You  will  learn  how  to:

  Become your own wellness advocate
  Listen to your body and connect with the dietary and lifestyle approach that is best for YOU!
  Let go of rules and restrictions and connect with your wellness vision
  Unlock your wellness vision
  Jump off the sugar rollercoaster and control your energy levels
  Understand the impact gluten and dairy may be having on your health
  Eat organically and avoid chemicals and toxins without breaking the bank
  Plan and prep for your wellness journey
  Identify normal digestive function
  Optimise digestion through diet and lifestyle
  Identify dysbiosis and leaky gut and what you can do to alleviate them
  Support your gut health using gut builders and disruptors
  Monitor your health by looking at your poo (yes, poo)
  Reduce your stress burden
  Stop stress getting on top of you
  Establish a daily self-care practise
  How to establish a daily self-care practise
  Improve sleep
  Switch off and disconnect from screens
  Use diet and lifestyle to balance your hormones
  Understand and connect with your cycle
  And so much more!

For just $149.00 join now!


Your ultimate health & wellness coach. Melbourne Naturopath. Holistic personalised plans, treatment & coaching for women for optimal wellbeing.

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