The Defender – My Immune Shot for Winter

This shot of fiery goodness helps defend against any sickness, supporting your immune system by dampening inflammation. This recipe is for 2 or 3 shots but I usually make a big batch for the week and have a shot most mornings through the winter months. You can alter recipe slightly to accomodate your preference. I LOVE the heat so always go heavy on the ginger. I hope you enjoy it. 

Ingredients: Makes approx. 2 x shot 

½ thumb turmeric

½ thumb of ginger

1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

1/8tsp pepper

1 x lemon

½ orange

1 x shot of water, add more as needed 


o Cut lemon and orange.
o Using a knife peel off skin of lemon and orange
o Add to blender
o Add water and cayenne pepper, blend on high
o Cut ginger and turmeric into slices
o Add to blender with pepper and blend
o Can strain the juice into a cup and remove the excess pulp or go for a thicker vibe with pulp remaining.

You can make recipe X 7 and have a shot (for 2) every day of the week. Store in air tight jar in fridge or can freeze in ice trays to have on call

If you notice first sign of getting sick, have a shot in the AM and PM before bed. You can make a diluted version for kids, add more water or more orange.

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