PMS – A Natural Solution

PMS is so common and many women just accept that it’s a normal part of their monthly cycle.

Up to 80% of women experience some level of PMS.

The symptoms can vary from women to women. From irritability, anxiety, depression and rage to mood swings, bloating, fluid retention, breast tenderness, back pain and food cravings. It is though that there are up to 150 symptoms that fall under the classification of PMS and the symptoms may start up to 2 weeks before bleeding.


It is my pleasure to let you know that in a healthy female with optimal hormonal health there will be little to no PMS symptoms at all.

There is a natural approach that can help you eliminate PMS symptoms and claim back your quality of life in that part of every month.


What is playing an underlying part of PMS?


       Hormonal imbalance – estrogen dominance either alone or relative to progesterone.


This imbalance in hormones is most commonly reduced or even resolved by addressing these contributing factors.


       High stress that goes unmanaged has an effect on hormonal health and this certainly includes PMS.

       Diets rich in sugar, refined foods, non-organic dairy and meat will promote hormonal imbalance.

       Diets low in veggies, good quality fat, protein and fibre will disrupt hormones.

       Constipation and sluggish digestion will inhibit your elimination of estrogen from the body and tip the balance of hormones.

       Environmental pollutants and hormone disrupting chemicals in the environment will drive estrogen up further and disrupt the balance of hormones.

       Excess alcohol will place a burden on the liver which is responsible for processing estrogen. This can lead to further estrogen dominance.


A great first step is to addressed these contributing factors for 2-3 cycles (months) and you should start to see improvement or resolve in your PMS symptoms.  Hooray!!


There are certainly times where the hormonal imbalance requires herbal medicine or nutritional supplements to help bring the hormones further back into balance and support estrogen metabolism.


Supplements I commonly consider, depending on the client’s presentation and history:

       Magnesium – its involved in hundreds of processes in the body including the metabolism of estrogen. This mineral can do all sorts of wonders for hormones.

       Vitex – The herb I most commonly call on for hormonal balance.

       Herbs for HPA axis regulation – supports healthy endocrine system, happy stress hormones = happy sex hormones.

       Fibre – helps to efficiently metabolise and excrete excess hormones. Get’s you pooing daily!!

       Essential fatty acids –Good quality omega oils can help form the building blocks for hormones. They also help lower inflammation that may be contributing to PMS symptoms.

       Calcium d-glucarate – supports the liver and helps remove the harmful type of estrogens.

       Cruciferous veggies, DIM or Broccoli seed extract – supports estrogen metabolism

       Anti – inflammatory diet – keeps hormones in check.


When you address the underlying contributing factors mentioned above together with utilising specific remedies you can balance and support healthy hormones and you will be PMS free in no time.


For further guidance with getting on top of your PMS book a Naturopathy session here.

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