Post workout snack and meal ideas


What you eat post a workout can make a big difference to helping your body repair muscle tissue, replenish energy, regulate your blood sugar and have you feeling great and ready for whatever yoga, fitness or dance class you have planned in the coming days.

To help fuel your body post workout generally aim to include some protein to help build and repair muscles, some carbohydrates to help replace glycogen (a form of glucose stored in the muscle) and some healthy fats to promote satiety and blood sugar regulation.

Here are some simple and practical ideas you might want to try:

1. Rice cakes with nut butter and banana

Almond butter has 3.5grams of protein per tablespoon and is also a good quality fat, if you or someone in your house has a nut allergy you could opt for a seed butter instead.

2. Sweet potato toast with avo and egg.

This idea ticks all the boxes and tastes delicious.

3. Rice cakes with avo and boiled eggs

4. Smoothies!!!

This is an easy and convenient way to re fuel post workout.

There are loads of combo’s you can try. Consider adding some plant based protein powder or blitz up some nuts and seeds in the food processor before adding the other smoothie ingredients or simply add some nut butter for a natural protein.

Add some frozen banana and frozen spinach for simple carbs.  A tablespoon of ground flax or chia seeds for omega 3’s and anti- inflammatory action or even add some grated fresh turmeric to reduce any post workout inflammation in the body. Try adding some avocado for an extra creamy finish and a decent dose of healthy fats. Use your favourite plant based milk (like almond or cashew) for extra nutrient density.

5. Chia pudding or overnight oats.

These are great options as they can be made the night before and make for an easy post workout snack or meal on the go.

Click here to download 5 recipes of post-workout-meal-and-snack-idea-s

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