COVID-19 Response


I am continuing to work throughout this period offering naturopathy consultations via phone, zoom and skype.

I will consult via skype or phone and will then post or allow a safe pickup of any herbal medicine and nutritional supplements as necessary. Bookings can be made as normal, when booking through the online system please put a note to tell me you would like to do the consult via phone or skype (please provide your skype name).  If easier, please call or text on 0427989613.


I have made the decision to stop taking bookings for massage at this stage.

It appears we are moving towards a closing down of all non-essential business with the aim of slowing the spread of the virus, the impact that will have on our health system and the quality of care we can provide the people who are effected most by the virus.

The health and safety of my clients and the community is so important and I feel the social and moral responsibility to ensure we are doing all that we can to stop the fast spread of the virus. Massage treatment don’t allow for social distancing even with all the hygiene measures I put in place.

I will be reviewing my decision day by day as things unfold.

Immunity Support:

For those looking for specific naturopathic advice on boosting your immunity I am excited to offer mini immunity consults during this period. These are short 20 minute consults and will provide a personalised herbal and nutritional supplement protocol to keep you feeling well and give you a clear action plan to reduce the severity and duration of infection in the case that you do fall ill.

Stress and Anxiety support:

We are all feeling an increased sense of doubt and stress even fear and anxiety around COVID-19.

Be sure to book in for a Naturopathy session if you need some more individualised guidance and support around how to manage any stress, overwhelm, sleeplessness or anxiety that is present for you right now (in person or on skype available). We can explore dietary and lifestyle approaches and routines. We can draw on nutritional and herbal medicine to balance and support your system during this time.

A note regarding my dispensary:

If you simply require a product or tincture to support you at this time please reach out. I am happy to help. I am keeping up the demand but a few products are running low at the supplier end. With this in mind be sure to reach out or book in soon so I don’t keep you waiting for delivery of products.

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